SLOWER & STEADIER: What Should You Expect From Home Sales in 2019?

 By Jenna Herron for USA TODAY: Forget fevered bidding wars and snap home-buying decisions. Slower and steadier will characterize next year’s housing market.

 That follows a 2018 that started off hot but softened into the fall as buyers – put off by high prices and few choices – sat out rather    than paid up. 

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EXPERT OPINION: The 8 Need-To-Know Things To Prevent Real Estate Money Loss

What are the factors that prevent someone from losing money in real estate?

expert opinion blog 1Written by David Greene for FORBES: We all know some who frequently lament their decision to invest in real estate. Constantly blaming the market, or real estate as an industry, they believe the entire process is predicated on luck and timing, an exercise in chance. For people who have lost money investing, it’s easy to sympathize with them-but are their beliefs regarding results being beyond their control actually accurate? 


Millennials Slouch Toward Home Ownership

Long presumed to have less interest in the non-stop consumption of goods that underpins the American economy, millennials might not be different after all, according to a new study out this month from the Federal Reserve. Their spending habits are a lot like the generations...

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Compass launches West Coast tech campus in Seattle

Compass is launching a technology campus in Seattle geared toward building “real estate’s first-ever end-to-end platform,” and plans to hire at least 100 engineers.The SoftBank-backed brokerage, which has been in expansion mode, announced the West Coast Product & Engineering Campus in a Facebook post this...

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STEMed from Mother Nature

Eco-friendly furniture and sustainable decor are more than a cute trend — they are a priority for STEM.With the increasing amount of plastic in our oceans, shrinking forests, and our overall impact on Mother Earth, sustainable designs are becoming more and more popular. Companies like STEM...

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New Lyft app will give directions to scooters & public transit across LA

new lyft app blog 2As Lyft launches e-scooters in Los Angeles today, the ride-hailing company announced it has expanded an app update to help residents find its dockless vehicles and connect to public transit in LA.

Users in LA who have updated the Lyft app will see a feature where they can view nearby transit routes with real-time arrival information, as well as the distance to the nearest Lyft scooters, which will start out on the Westside in Venice, Westwood, Sawtelle, Mar Vista, and Brentwood.