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Searching for a home also includes searching for a lifestyle! That’s what Glenview, The Glen and the North Shore offer. With lots of history, beautiful trails, top-notch schools, a strong business community and most importantly, the quality people who live here, Glenview, The Glen and the North Shore are towns you’ll be delighted to call home. Missy can attest to that firsthand, as she has lived in Glenview for 21 years!

How can The Jerfita Pierson Team help you find the perfect property?

Let’s be honest. Any agent can look up listings on the internet and read the details. The difference with an Exclusive Buyers Agent on the Jerfita Team is we have actually been in the home and can provide details beyond what the Listing Agent decided to write on the MLS.
Many times we have clients call and ask about particular homes, and we pride ourselves on knowing as many details about the properties as possible. If we don’t know, we find out, immediately. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the area, including the local schools, access to public transportation, parks, even restaurants and shopping. No detail is too small, and our Buyers Agents pride themselves in providing the answer to our buyer’s questions.

Another part of knowing the market is networking with other agents. The secret in this market is that many really great homes are sold quickly and quietly before even being listed. The Jerfita Team Buyers Agents maintain relationships with other local agents to find out about a new home that may be hitting the market. We pride ourselves in scouring the market to find the perfect home for our clients. We even go the extra mile and solicit unlisted homes if they meet our buyer’s requirements. We take our jobs very seriously and our number one goal is to find the perfect home at the perfect price.

After finding the perfect home, our job is to be sure our buyers get the best value. It can be difficult to determine the value of a home, so The Jerfita Team does our homework by finding comparables to support the purchase price. Sometimes the list price is right on, other times we need to provide support documentation to the listing agent to show what the correct value is. Our worst nightmare is to have our clients unknowingly overpay for a home. But finding a home is just the first step in the process.

Your Exclusive Buyers Agent will offer guidance from start to finish, which includes providing resources for inspections, and referrals for an attorney and/or a mortgage broker, if needed. Remember that no detail is too small. Sometime it is very stressful when an inspection uncovers what on the surface could be a “deal breaker”. The Jerfita Pierson Team can help the Buyer find the correct specialist to determine if a real issue exists. Until the keys are in your hand, our job is far from finished.

We provide Exclusive Buyers Agents for a reason. Their main responsibility is to know the market and become the specialist in that market. Touring, networking and finding our clients the perfect home is their main responsibility. We have no doubt you will find our buyers agents more helpful than you could ever have imagined. If that’s not enough, just look at some testimonials!  It will hammer home the fact that we work hard to make our clients raving fans!

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